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Frequently Asked Questions

Is HUNTED suitable for young readers?

This book contains adult language and themes of aggression, crime, and assault, so is not suitable for all ages. 

Is HUNTED based on any true stories?

It's not based on any true crime cases, but the behavioural analysis and geographical profiling are based on real offender profiling techniques. There are references to real criminals throughout the book. 

Why have you set HUNTED in Liverpool, UK?

Liverpool is my hometown and full of heritage, culture, and diversity. There are many iconic landmarks across the city like the Liver Birds, the various Docks, and many more. The geographical profiling in HUNTED is complex, but also allows readers to get to know the city. You can actually do a tour of the locations in HUNTED and walk in the footsteps of Linnet and Gillespie!

Is HUNTED classed as an LGBT+ story?

It's a psychological crime story primarily, but along the way you get to know the characters, their flaws, and their quirks. Two characters may (or may not!) find an unexpected spark...

Liverpool has fantastic LGBT+ bars and clubs and they are a part of the backdrop of HUNTED. 

What made you write HUNTED?

I love reading, and I love writing! My background is in Psychology and Criminology, so I thought I could use my experience and love of the thriller/crime genre to tell a story. I wanted to write about the situations that none of us would like to find ourselves in, but still worry about. At one point, I paused writing HUNTED for a while because I was too scared writing when I was at home alone! 

Will there be any books from you after HUNTED?

Yes! HUNTED is the first book in the Jo Linnet series. The next one is already being written and I'm really excited about it. It's so hard not to tell anyone what it is about!

How can I get my copy of HUNTED signed?

If you pre-order / order from your copies will be signed by Laura Graves. For personalised messages, add a note when you make your purchase!

This is an image of the Liver Birds on top of the Liver Building in Liverpool. They are black against the backdrop of an orange sunset.
The image is a night time shot of Liverpool Cathedral
The image is a night time shot of the Liverpool water front. Buildings are lit up in the background, reflecing across the water.
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